Going to Switzerland: How to plan your Final Exit was written to provide explanation and clarity about the Swiss process of assisted suicide.

Since 1937, assisted suicide has been legal in Switzerland.

Foreigners can fly in and get help to die.

Going to Switzerland discusses the legal framework that makes this possible, providing a step-by-step guide as to how to prepare for an assisted death in this country.

While, by law, Switzerland offers a de-medicalised approach to assisted suicide, there are growing measures that place the doctors centre stage in the process.

The Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMS) has recently exerted its influence to place greater controls around the professional practice of doctors involved in the sector.

If Swiss doctors ignore the SAMS guidelines they may risk losing their registration.

This is why the recent launch of The Last Resort Association, together with the Sarco device is so important.

With Sarco, doctors do not need to be involved (beyond the stage of assessing the person’s mental capacity). And, as the Sarco is drug-free, doctors are not called on to prescribe lethal drugs.